Welcome to the site, my name is Jeff and I have been working in the IT field since the early 90's. Most of what I post here is related to work that I do for the various companies that I have worked for over the years. Please feel free to look around ask questions or post comments (if available).

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Recent Posts

  • Has it really been 4 months?

    Well, here we are again, I’d apologize but sometimes real life takes a priority and there’s nothing you can do about it. Since I last updated I’ve bought a new house, saw my daughter graduate high school, took a week vacation in a beach house, spent a month in Florida (working, mostly) and unpacked a hosue we hadn’t lived in for more than a few weeks. I’ve been working on a lot of different projects at work and personally and a lot of them I think deserve a full break down, but we can do perhaps a quick summary.

  • Last Week

    It’s been a minute and I apologize, last week was filled with meetings and interviews so been kind of busy with tedius work that I’m not a fan of. I did work on some Azure API Manamgment stuff so I think I’ll post about that later this week once I have things more sorted. So hopefully in the next few days I’ll kick something out that should be interesting.

  • Last Week

    I missed the week in review this past Friday, sorry about that. It was spring break here so I was off an on and we had company so nothing was really condusive to working or writing. I did however do a fair amount of work on the ArmReference project. I decided to start to dig into those templates and bring them up to date.

  • Week In Review: 03/11/2022

    Well it’s been a busy week for sure, two days wrapped up in Microsoft Interviews and I’ll be blunt, I wasn’t selected, but this is the furthest I’ve gone in a Microsoft interview, so I was pretty excited about that. While that was going on I was also doing actual work, sorting out Github Actions as well as a fair amount of template work both in the MultiCloudDeployment project, but I’ve also decided to re-organize the ArmReference project to really be more workable and provide more examples as well as getting documentation put in as well.

  • Github Actions and PSDocs

    Today I did some work on the MultiCloudDeployment project. I had wanted to add the option to pass in Resource Groups to the ARM template,because that is something that can deployed against if you are deploying multiple templates at the same time. Additionally I was a little jealous of the terraform-docs utility, it generates some decent documentation from the Terraform. As I started my search I found the PSDocs project as well as the PSDocs.Azure project that were exactly what I was looking for. These two modules work together to generate Markdown documentation files from discovered template files.