Welcome to the site, my name is Jeff and I have been working in the IT field since the early 90's. Most of what I post here is related to work that I do for the various companies that I have worked for over the years. Please feel free to look around ask questions or post comments (if available).

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Recent Posts

  • Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and Request Tracker

    Looking at some different possibilities regarding desktop support, so I’m outlining the steps I took to get a working copy of RT up and running on an Ubuntu 8.0 LTS server.

  • Views and the Cloud

    One of the things I’ve enjoyed recently are tag clouds I have no good explanation for it other than they look cool. So since I just finished migrating all my junk over to this server I decided I would set that up. Drupal appears to have a module for almost everything so a tag cloud seemed like a no brainer on the module site listing. Sure enough there is the “Views_Cloud” module that depends on the “Views” module.

  • Tagging

    This afternoon I imported all my stubs into the vbs link above. On the way home I thought it would be really nice if I had tagged them initially to make it easier to search and so on. So this evening after dinner I started working on tagging each stub, and had some problems early on that I think are related to adding a revision note. I haven’t really worked that out yet, but long story short, tags are done! For now…

  • Pathing

    Ok, so I enabled the Path module in drupal and went through and pathed all the pages on the site that I care about. It’s totally eye candy I know, but it makes me happy.

  • Summer 2009

    Deploy new SharePoint server using SQL as the backend Upgrade SAN storage capacity Re-IP CX3-20