Welcome to the site, my name is Jeff and I have been working in the IT field since the early 90's. Most of what I post here is related to work that I do for the various companies that I have worked for over the years. Please feel free to look around ask questions or post comments (if available).

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  • Microsoft Clustering

    Some things I’ve recently learned while working in a non dynamic environment.

  • SOE Overview

    I have been with the School of Engineering since February of 2007 and in that time we have moved from technology that was 1995 centric to an almost current level of technology. This overview should provide some insight into how we have grown, what caused us to move in the direction we did, and where we see ourselves in the future. This document will forego an explanation of the eccentricities of KU as the author himself still struggles with them.

  • Configure Quickbooks for Windows Server

    In a client/server environment multiple users connect to the Quickbooks server to access data files. There are two methods for this:

  • Intuit Quickbooks 9.0 Upgrade


  • Summer 2008

    A large number of projects commenced: