Welcome to the site, my name is Jeff and I have been working in the IT field since the early 90's. Most of what I post here is related to work that I do for the various companies that I have worked for over the years. Please feel free to look around ask questions or post comments (if available).

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  • Configure Quickbooks for Windows Server

    In a client/server environment multiple users connect to the Quickbooks server to access data files. There are two methods for this:

  • Intuit Quickbooks 9.0 Upgrade


  • Summer 2008

    A large number of projects commenced:

  • Query AD

    After writing the script that generates the lab usage report, I looked at the BuildArray procedure and decided to change it to be more generic. This would allow me to use it in different ways.

  • Update Array

    The UpdateArray procedure updates the arrLabs array. The purpose of this procedure is to generate a tallies that will be used to in a report to display lab usage. This procedure depends on the arrLabs array being declared globally as well as the GetProp function being available.