Welcome to the site, my name is Jeff and I have been working in the IT field since the early 90's. Most of what I post here is related to work that I do for the various companies that I have worked for over the years. Please feel free to look around ask questions or post comments (if available).

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Recent Posts

  • Week In Review: 02/25/2022

    Here we are another week in the books, and I’ve been super busy and just kind of forgot so I wanted to get this out real quick. It’s been busy around here, and I’ve not done the work I wanted to do, but I did do the work that work wanted me to work on!

  • SchemaModule 3.0.1 Release

    I’ve just released a new version of my PowerShell SchemaModule.

  • Week In Review: 02/18/2022

    Welcome to another Friday! Congratulations you made it!

  • The tedious side of development

    So I’ve been working on things both personally and for work. Both projects have similar goals but are implemented differently. But one of the things that I ran up against early on was the idea of defaults. In a json schema you can have default values among a vast array of other options.

  • Language Parsing

    Yesterday I talked about changing up the framework to make it more flexible. Ideally the framework shouldn’t need to know all the details about a given template, it should discover that and then do something with it. After that post I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out what I meant!