Below is a list of the GitHub Orgs that I own and actively work on. Additionally some of these have seperate PowerShell Gallery downloads and Azure DevOps project sites.

Azure Resource Manager Reference Templates

This is a collection of ARM Templates that I started working on that leveraged the template documentation and the API documentation in order to come up with what could be considered usable ‘Standards’ for deployment.

Azure Devops PowerShell Module

This is a PowerShell script module that allows you to work with the Azure DevOps Rest API. I have a lot let to work on for this module, but it provides some useful information at the console.

Multi-Cloud Deployment

This is an open-source version of what I’ve been working on for the past year, I recently started work on this. Anyone should be able to deploy resources into any cloud easily and that’s the goal of this project.

Schema Module

This is a PowerShell module for working with and created a JSON schema. This module allows you to generate valid json from a defined schema.

Ansible Playbooks

This is a collection of Ansible Playbooks and Roles that I’ve been working with on and off recently.

Mod Posh

This is a collection of several of the Modules I’ve created in the mod-posh github repo.