Using Remote Installation Services I deployed Windows XP SP2 onto my test machine, Dell Precision 390. Once the image was in place I installed the base load that all Lab computer must have available. This install comprises approximately 30 applications ranging from something as simple as RoboCopy.exe, to applications as complex as AutoCAD 2007.

After completing the installation of all the software, I proceeded to clean the computer up, Empty Recycle Bin, Clear Document List, Clear Application List and Degragment the hard drive. I connected to the Remote Installation Share and ran the RIPrep.exe, and with the exception of one error everything ran smoothly. I will need to reinstall the Eclipse software through a GPO.

I sucessfully connected two test machines, both Dell Precision 390’s and the imaging appears to be going smoothly, will have to test the images on Monday. Thoughts:

Putting this in to production there will be a few things to consider, first KU uses ANSR for all their DHCP needs. I need to find out if ANSR supports the PXE Extensions required for RIS to work properly. KU also uses BIND to handle all name registrations and I need to see if they comply with RFC 2052, RFC 2136. Might possibly have to use a private network to deploy image to lab computers, perhaps a “mobile deployment station”.