So flat in the middle of standing up a new file server cluster and writing about it, in draft, and tweeted a few things that Carson nailed me on. First, I am just slightly annoyed at how the Dell NX3000 comes pre-configured, to which Carson pointed out that it’s an appliance and to get over it. Then I was annoyed because of the default roles and services and progressed through the baseline in my head adding what I needed, removing what was there that was not needed.

I informed Carson that they had the web server role installed by default and he said, “Did you open the site?”

Um, well…to be honest no I didn’t. So he pointed out that one of the core foundations of an IT guy is curiosity. If you’re not curious how can you possibly figure things out? So, I’m currently re-installing one of the nodes back to OEM, for the sole purpose of clicking on the web role to see if it has anything configured.

Thanks a lot Carson!