It’s been forever since I’ve posted anything, a lot has gone on in my work and family life. I don’t have the time I used to have to tinker around with hosting my own stuff. I had thought about moving my site over to WordPress, but in order to do that I would lose all my custom DNS settings. So I have imported my blog to, which was relatively easy, which helped even more. Not a lot else going on, SuperBowl 46 just ended a few hours ago, I’ve got the dishes in the dishwasher and felt it was the right time to move everything.

I have several posts with images, I have decided yet if I will update that. I do have some things I want to make sure I carry forward as I use this site quite a bit. I will also most likely move my repository over to google as well, I was going to use codeplex, but I wanted to keep my history and I think I can do that with

Have a nice evening!