I migrated over all my scripts late last night, it only took about an hour. I think part of the problem was on my end, I had to basically restart the sync several times to get everything over. The longest part was moving over the Trac content.

While I didn’t have a whole lot, it was enough to make it tedious. The other pain point was some of the syntax was the same, and some was just enough different to give you a migraine! But that’s all been migrated over as well. I have updated all the code in /production so that it points to the current url for online help.

https://mod-posh.googlecode.com (googlecode discontinued)

Once I commit what I have on my laptop up, I’ll create a new “download” for it. I struggled with whether or not I actually wanted a download, and finally decided that a simple zip of the includes folder for now is good. That’s where all the goodies are anyway.

With regards to the blog, I’ve still not been able to use WLW or even the blogger app on my GalaxyTab. Apparently when you import your previous blog that counts against your daily allowance of bandwidth and posting. Oh well, I’ll leave my existing gear up the rest of the this month with re-directs then I can turn all that off.