It has been a while since I’ve done anything here and I apologize. I’ve been really wrapped up in work, and migrating my site once again was something I was truly dreading. Thinking back to how many different frameworks and providers I’ve tried is crazy, but I feel confident now that where I’m at is the right place. I’ve moved everything over to Github Pages which is really more inline with how I work, plus I can just use vscode or codespaces on github which makes things much simpler than ususal.

I want to get back into technical writing there have been some things over the past few years that I would have liked to write about, but just didn’t. Additionally I would like to get back into regular writing and the plan is to start the Week in Review back up like I tried a few times. Considering where things are in my work life now though, I feel I will have a lot more success, so I look forward to my next article which should be at least this Friday.

Thanks and have a great day!